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Hip pain is a common condition that many individuals experience throughout their lives. Hip pain can arise from various causes such as osteoarthritis, dislocation, hip fractures, and muscle strains.


As a triple board-certified interventional pain management specialist, Dr. Echezona evaluates the underlying causes of your hip pain carefully; and will often utilize diagnostic tools such as X-rays, MRI scans, and/or CT scans to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is causing your pain.  A proper diagnosis allows for a personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Gendai Echezona employs various treatment options to help alleviate hip pain including physical therapy, joint injections, nerve blocks, regenerative medicine, and lifestyle interventions. Patients experiencing hip pain can benefit significantly from pain injection therapy, which offers long-lasting pain relief.


If hip pain is starting to take over your life, contact us today at  203-956-0022 or request an appointment online today to arrange for a proper evaluation and a treatment plan that will improve the quality of your life.



Dr. Gendai Echezona, a fellowship-trained, triple board-certified interventional pain management physician and certified diplomat of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, takes great pride in providing her patients with concierge care that is completely tailored to each patient’s specific goals, treatment preferences, and needs. At Premier Pain Care & Wellness, we believe that you deserve to feel and look your best as you engage in all of life's activities that bring you joy.


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