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Chemical Peels 

Chemical Peels in Norwalk, CT.

Achieve beautiful, smooth, youthful-looking skin that radiates health and vitality with

premier medical-grade chemical peels.


Discover effective chemical skin peels at Premier PCW in Norwalk, CT.  Chemical peels are typically described by how deep they work on the skin.


A chemical peel improves the appearance of the skin by exfoliating, accelerating cell turnover, removing damaged top layers, and boosting collagen growth. The new, regenerated skin is substantially smoother, healthier looking, more uniform in tone and less wrinkled. The face, neck, chest and hands are the most commonly treated areas for chemical peels.

In addition to improving the overall complexion, chemical peels can also help with hyperpigmentation, sun damage and melasma. The complexion is left brighter, tighter and smoother after just one peel, and optimal results are achieved with a series of three to six peels.

At Premier PCW we offer multiple premier medical-grade chemical peels to address an array of skin issues and concerns. Chemical peels can be performed at different depths, depending on the desired outcome.  During your consultation, our double board-certified physician will recommend the peel depth that best suits your goals and lifestyle.


During the chemical peel treatment, your Premier PCW provider will apply the selected product to your skin and allow it to penetrate. You may feel a mild to moderate stinging sensation while the solution is on your skin. After the appropriate treatment time has elapsed, a cool compress and/or a neutralizing solution will be applied to the area, depending on the type of peel being provided. 


After your treatment, you may feel tingling, burning, itching, dryness, redness or tightness, depending on your skin’s sensitivity level and the depth of the peel you received. With medium to deep peels, you will most likely see peeling or flaking over the next 1-7 days.


Because all patients are unique, results may vary based on a number of factors.  During your consultation, our double board-certified physician, Dr. Gendai Echezona, will discuss with you the results you can expect and create a customized peel plan that’s right for you.


Watch a Medical-Grade Chemical Peel with Dr. Gendai Echezona of Premier PCW in Norwalk, CT

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