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Jan Marini Skin Care in Norwalk CT

Medical grade skin care that’s easy to use and delivers noticeable results.

At Premier PCW we believe that skin care is self-care.   In our Norwalk, CT office we proudly offer Jan Marini Skin Research products; including the award-winning Skin Care Management System, which has been voted the Best Skin Care System for 12 consecutive years now as part of New Beauty Magazine’s Beauty Choice Awards.

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From cleanser to sunscreen, your hydrating skin care kit is complete with everything you need for healthy, youthful looking skin!


You will find the full line of Jan Marini Skin Research products in-office at Premier PCW in Norwalk, CT. or online through our professional affiliate link. 

Shop Jan Marini.


Not sure where to start?  Request a skincare consultation today.

Before and After

EltaMD Sunscreen in Norwalk, CT

The #1 professional sunscreen brand that’s recommended, trusted and personally used by physicians.


Designed for a variety of skin types and concerns, EltaMD’s sunscreens and professional skin care products protect and nourish beneath the surface. 


Whether you have concerns with premature aging and wrinkles or acne and post-procedure care, EltaMD’s simple approach to skincare will help each patient find products that are suitable to their needs.


EltaMD sunscreen and EltaMD skin care products are available for in-office purchase at Premier PCW.

Watch Sunscreen Application


eltaMD Sheer v Tinted try-on Post (1)_edited.jpg

(Left) EltaMD Sheer Untinted   (Right) EltaMD Restore Tinted

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