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Treating Neck Pain with Trigger Point Injections

Are your neck muscles feeling tight from holiday travel, sitting at the computer, engaging in physical exercise or an old injury? 

Trigger point injections are a type of procedure that targets tight muscle bands and causes them to relax through a series of injections.


In this video, triple board certified physician, Dr. Gendai Echezona, demonstrates trigger point injections to relieve neck myofascial pain.

Watch as Dr. Gendai Echezona administers trigger point injections to a patient who is experiencing neck pain

Trigger point injections are done with a thin needle which is inserted into tight muscle bands. Dr. Echezona uses a technique that may initially make the muscles twitch. Once the muscle twitches, it typically relaxes. Once the muscle relaxes, she will inject a lidocaine solution to help break the pain cycle. To complete the treatment, Dr. Echezona will apply a gentle massage to the muscle.



Dr. Gendai Echezona, a fellowship-trained, triple board-certified interventional pain management physician and certified diplomat of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, takes great pride in providing her patients with concierge care that is completely tailored to each patient’s specific goals, treatment preferences, and needs. At Premier Pain Care & Wellness, we believe that you deserve to feel and look your best as you engage in all of life's activities that bring you joy.


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