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Dermaplaning in Norwalk, CT

Dermaplaning is a safe and painless solution to remove unwanted facial hair or peach fuzz.

This type of physical exfoliation involves the use of one tool: a medical-grade scalpel. This relatively quick, 20-30 minute treatment effectively removes the top layer of skin to instantly reveal a brighter, fresh layer beneath.  

  • Restore the luster in your skin 

  • Remove unwanted hair

  • Smooth the skin surface

  • Allow for a smoother application of makeup

What to Expect

During this treatment, your Premier PCW provider will begin by cleaning your face to prepare it for exfoliation. Then, using a surgical steel medical-grade scalpel, she’ll skillfully scrape your skin removing all of the hair and dead skin. After the procedure, your skin will be moisturized with a medical-grade facial cream and protected with sunscreen.

This procedure takes 20-30 minutes and does not require downtime. You may resume normal activity. Results typically last 3-4 weeks.  Dermaplaning is low-risk and safe for nearly everyone. Special care and consideration are given for those with darker skin or conditions such as acne.

Dermaplaning is a stand-alone treatment as well as one of our most popular add-on services with all of our Premier Facials.


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